MOHI Intense Repair Set

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Discover the Intense Repair Set

MOHI Intense Repair Set - Restore and strengthen your hair with this complete set.

Give your hair the ultimate care and repair with the MOHI Intense Repair Set. This set consists of three powerful products: the MOHI Repair Shampoo, MOHI Repair Conditioner, and MOHI Repair Hairmask. Together, they form a complete hair care routine that revitalizes dry, damaged, and brittle hair.

The MOHI Repair Shampoo gently cleanses your hair and strengthens it with a special blend of natural ingredients, including vitamins, proteins, coconut, and argan oil. After just one wash, your hair feels noticeably softer, healthier, and shinier. This shampoo removes impurities and excess oil while restoring the hair structure for long-lasting results.

Continue your hair care routine with the MOHI Repair Conditioner. This nourishing conditioner intensively repairs and protects weakened hair. The rich formula, enriched with vitamins, proteins, coconut, and argan oil, makes your hair smoother, stronger, and softer after just one application. Along with the shampoo, this conditioner strengthens the hair fibers, improves natural resilience, and gives a beautiful shine to your hair.

The highlight of the set is the MOHI Repair Hairmask. This intensely strengthening formula is specially developed for dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair. The mask penetrates deep into the hair fibers and repairs your hair throughout its length. You will immediately experience vibrant, strong, and healthy hair that radiates from within.

With the MOHI Intense Repair Set, you give your hair the loving care it deserves. Restore, strengthen, and transform your hair into a healthy and radiant state. All products in the set are free from parabens and sulfates and are not tested on animals.

Experience the power of the MOHI Intense Repair Set and enjoy beautifully restored hair full of vitality and shine.


Indulge your hair and yourself with the MOHI Repair Essential Set! With the purchase of this exclusive set, you now receive a free MOHI Scalp Massage Brush as a special reward. The Repair Essential Set is the ultimate hair care solution, designed to repair and make your hair shine. And as an extra bonus, you receive a Scalp Massage Brush, to treat yourself to a relaxing and invigorating scalp massage. Take advantage of this great offer today and give your hair the luxury treatment it deserves!


The set includes:
- MOHI Repair Shampoo (300ml)
- MOHI Repair Conditioner (300ml)
- MOHI Repair Hairmask (300ml)
- MOHI Scalp Massage Brush (1 piece)

Customer Reviews

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Natascha de Groot
Gewoon geweldig!

Heerlijke set! Mijn haar is echt heel zacht. Ik gebruik niet bij elke wasbeurt de conditioner of masker. Soms alleen shampoo en lamellar water. Nog nooit zo soepel en makkelijk mijn haar kunnen doorkammen, zelfs als het nat is. En het mooie is:Max Pro regelmatig leuke aanbiedingen en kortingen heeft! Deze set is zeker het proberen waard.

fatima Tigra

MOHI Intense Repair Set

Hanan Ouazza

Lamenner water echt tevreden

Galy Elmi

MOHI Intense Repair Set