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AURUM Cordless Straightener

Enter the future of hairstyling with the Max Pro AURUM Cordless Straightener. Experience power and flexibility in one. With a maximum temperature setting of up to 220˚C, the AURUM shapes every hair type to your artistic vision. Transform and perfect with confidence using the ultimate tool for any styling challenge.

MOHI's New Aromas

Discover the enhanced formula of MOHI's fragrances.

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A journey through passion, innovation, and beauty.

Since its establishment in 2013, Max Pro has embarked on a journey that has led us to where we stand today: a leading brand in the hair fashion industry known for our high-quality products and excellent service. It all started with a passion for hair and a vision to elevate hair fashion to new heights. Now, Max Pro is on a path of spectacular growth within the hair care and cosmetics industry, continually striving for innovation and exceeding expectations.