Max Pro Precision Trimmer

€49,95 EUR
By Max Pro

Strive for perfection with the Max Pro Precision Trimmer! Trimming, detailing, touch-ups... it can all be done. The cordless trimmer with a precision-cut blade is exceptionally powerful and suitable for all facial and head hair types. With its luxurious appearance and numerous benefits, it steals the hearts of countless men. The blades feel good on the skin thanks to the ergonomic design, prevent cuts with the comfort tip, and cut the hair quickly and evenly without much effort.

The trimmer comes as a set with 5 attachment combs (1mm, 2mm, 3.5mm, 5mm, contour/shading comb), a cleaning brush, and oil. The liquid cleaning oil is specially developed for the trimmer blades to prevent hairs from sticking between the blades, reducing resistance and volume while extending the trimmer's lifespan. With the included attachments, you have everything you need to not only create a nice, tight beard but also maintain your contour line, achieve a shading effect, or create sharp lines and designs on the scalp. Ideal for use between haircuts!

Included accessories: 5 attachment combs, USB charging cable with charger, cleaning brush, and maintenance oil.

Curious about how to use this tool? See the manual.

Additional Information

Max Pro



Hair Type

All facial and head hair types

Hair Structure






Power 3 W
Voltage 220 V

Standard 2 years


Stainless steel

Charging Time 80 min
Battery Life 120 min
Cable Length in cm


Rotating Cable


Automatic Shut-off Function


ION Technology




Memory Function


Minimum Trim Length 0.0mm

NOTE: This product is not subject to the right of withdrawal. Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns of opened products.

How to Use

- Always ensure your hair is completely clean before using the trimmer.
- Make sure there is no water on the floor or on other surfaces near the power outlet or the trimmer.
- When the product is charged, it is ready for use immediately (you can also use it while charging). The trimmer may have a polished charging station, with one pin wider than the other. If so, this plug will only fit into an outlet if inserted correctly. If the plug does not fit into an outlet easily, check if the wider pin is inserted into the correct hole. If you cannot insert the plug into the outlet easily, contact an electrician; never force the plug into an outlet.
- Press the button on the side of the product to turn it on.
- When the tool is on, the light will immediately come on, and the tool will do its job.
- The attachments can be easily snapped onto the tool. If switching attachments, remove the attachment in the same way.
- Clean the tool using the included cleaning brush with a drop of maintenance oil after each use.
- Turn off the product after use by pressing the button on the side again.


Max Pro Precision Trimmer