MOHI Blissful Spa Brush Duo

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Discover the ultimate hair care experience with the MOHI Blissful Spa Brush Duo. This exclusive set consists of two beautiful brushes: the MOHI Spa Large and the MOHI Spa XS. Together, they form the perfect combination of luxury and functionality, ensuring your hair shines every day.

The MOHI Spa Large is a true gem on your makeup table. With its luxurious design and high-quality materials, this brush adds a chic touch to every hair care routine. The oval-shaped brush, made from the finest black boar bristles, provides a vibrant boost to your locks. It protects your hair from hair loss and leaves it shining like never before. With the MOHI Spa Large, you effortlessly create beautiful and healthy hair.

The MOHI Spa XS is the little wonder you can take with you everywhere. With its convenient size, this brush fits perfectly in your bag, allowing you to enjoy a polished look anytime, anywhere. The oval-shaped brush with fine black boar bristles is ideal for teasing and smoothing your hair. Whether you're on the go or out for the evening, with the MOHI Spa XS, you're always assured of a perfectly styled hairdo.

For the best results, we recommend using MOHI Hair Treatment products in combination with the MOHI Blissful Spa Brush Duo. First, apply the hair care products, then use the brushes to make your hair shine. The MOHI Blissful Spa Brush Duo guarantees stronger, healthier, and shinier hair, wherever you are.

Let yourself be enchanted by the MOHI Blissful Spa Brush Duo and enjoy the ultimate hair care in style. Discover the luxury and functionality of this exclusive set and give your hair the care it deserves. With the MOHI Blissful Spa Brush Duo, you create a radiant look every day.


The set includes:
- MOHI Bristle Nylon Spa Brush Large
- MOHI Bristle Nylon Spa Brush XS

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