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Detangler Brush

Discover the latest favorite of professional hairstylists from around the world. This luxurious brush is designed to quickly and easily remove tangles without damaging the hair.

The Max Pro Detangler Brush features an innovative design that seamlessly fits your scalp. The bristles consist of a unique combination of silicone pins and boar bristles, allowing the brush to glide smoothly through both wet and dry hair while protecting the scalp. This makes brushing a gentle and comfortable experience in all conditions.

In addition, the Max Pro Detangler Brush has a sturdy rubber grip added to the handle, making it fit perfectly and providing full grip in the palm of the hand to effortlessly brush the hair. Whether you have long, curly, or hair with extensions, the Max Pro Detangler Brush is suitable for all hair types.

With this brush, you can transform your hair effortlessly from wild tangles to smooth and soft hair in no time. Choose the best quality and pamper yourself with this unique brush that ensures a shiny, tangle-free, and healthy-looking hairstyle.

NOTE: This product is not covered by the right of withdrawal. For hygienic reasons, we cannot accept returns of opened products.


CLEANING THE BRUSH: After using your Max Pro Detangler Brush, we recommend cleaning it with a rake brush. This will keep your brush looking beautiful and tidy for years to come.

DO NOT USE IN THE SHOWER: Do not use it while showering. This can even damage your brush and its boar bristles.

HAND TOWEL DRYING: Of course, you can also use the brush on wet hair. If you do, make sure to carefully dry your brush and its boar bristles. This way, it will last a long time.



Max Pro






Bordeaux Red

Hair Type

All hair types

Hair Structure

All hair structures


Easy and painless detangling of the hair. Smooth and soft hair.


Nylon / Boar bristles (halal)


Dry, towel-dried, and wet hair


2 years

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