Max Pro Miracle 5 in 1 Curler

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Miracle 5 in 1

Do you want a full head of curls but still be able to vary? This curling iron comes with five different attachments (18/9mm, 19mm, 25mm, 25/19mm & 32/25mm) allowing you to go for a different curl every time. With this multifunctional curling iron, you can create both loose waves and tight curls. Thanks to the ceramic barrel and short curling time (3 sec), it barely damages the hair. Moreover, you maintain control over the heat through the temperature switch [adjustable between 80°C - 220°C], which is displayed via an LCD Display. The temperature switch and the five different-sized attachments make the Max Pro Miracle 5 in 1 suitable for all - both long and short - hair types and highly desired among professionals; hairdressers and stylists.

What makes the 5 in 1 unique is that the attachments of this curling iron are not equipped with a click system but with a rotation system. This is less sensitive, enhancing the quality of the 5 in 1 compared to other complete curling irons. Each size of barrel [ceramic] provides the hair with a different type of curl. The narrower the barrel, the smaller the curl. The barrels with a narrower end provide a natural transition of the curl.

The included glove is heat resistant, allowing you to wrap the hair strands around the hot ceramic barrel easily and without burning yourself. The curling iron is ready for use within 4 seconds of heating up. The Miracle 5 in 1 automatically shuts off after being unused for one hour.

This tool comes with a lifetime warranty after registration at, provided you register the product within 30 days of purchase.

Curious about how to use this tool? See the manual.



Max Pro






Lifetime warranty.

Power 49 W


240 V

Hair Type

All hair types

Hair Structure

All hair types

Cylinder Diameter

18/9mm, 19mm, 19/25mm, 32/35mm



ION Technology


Minimum Temperature


Maximum Temperature


Heat-up Time

4 seconds

Cable Length


Rotating Cable


Automatic Shut-off Function


ION Technology




Memory Function


Packaging Content

Includes heat-resistant glove

How to use
  1.  Always ensure your hair is clean and dry before using the curling iron.

  2.  Make sure there is no water on the floor or on other surfaces near the outlet or the curling iron.

  3. Plug the curling iron into the outlet. The curling iron may have a polarized plug, with one prong wider than the other. If so, this plug will only fit into an outlet if inserted correctly. If the plug does not fit into an outlet, ensure that you insert the wider prong into the correct slot. If you cannot plug the curling iron in easily, consult an electrician; never force the plug into an outlet.

  4.  Press the "ON/OFF" button at the top of the curling iron until the temperature is displayed on the screen. The hair styling tool will immediately heat up, but it takes about 40 seconds to reach optimal uniform heat distribution.

  5.  Once the curling iron is at temperature, you can set the desired temperature using the +/- button at the top of the hair styling tool. The most commonly used temperature is

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Max Pro Miracle 5 in 1 Curler