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Why Max Pro x MOHI

Max Pro and MOHI, both brands, have established a strong reputation in the hair care industry, allowing you to deal with confidence.

Commitment to quality

Celebrating the essence of quality, our products are meticulously crafted with a dedication to premium ingredients. Our commitment to excellence ensures that customers receive high-quality hair care solutions that prioritize safety and effectiveness.

Exceptional Service

We prioritize quality in our products and our partnership. With fast, reliable delivery and complimentary shipping, we're committed to providing top-notch service to our valued distributors, ensuring a successful collaboration.

Private Labelling

Explore our Private Label options and experience quality in every custom-made product. Together, we ensure the highest quality, with a focus on premium ingredients, to create safe and effective hair care solutions for your customers. 

Testimonials of Excellence
Working with Max Pro has been a transformative experience for our distribution business. The quality of products, coupled with seamless support and efficient processes, has elevated our operations to new heights. The collaborative spirit and dedication of the team at Max Pro are truly commendable. Proud to be part of such a successful partnership!
— Theodore Lewis
We've been distributors for Max Pro for several years now, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The range and quality of products are unmatched, and the support we receive is prompt and personalized. Our clients consistently praise the reliability of the products we distribute, and it's all thanks to the outstanding partnership with Max Pro. Highly recommend to fellow distributors!
— Anika Singh
Partnering with Max Pro has revolutionized the way we conduct business in the retail sector. The exceptional quality and diversity of their product range have given our customers unparalleled choices. The proactive and personalized support from Max Pro's team has significantly enhanced our efficiency, making this collaboration an indispensable asset to our success. Grateful for the transformative impact Max Pro has had on our retail operations!
— Malik Al-Farsi
As long-time collaborators with Max Pro, our manufacturing business has thrived through a dynamic partnership. The consistent excellence in product quality, combined with the responsive and attentive support, has fortified our position in the market. The seamless integration of Max Pro's products into our offerings has garnered praise from our customers, and we attribute our sustained growth to this enduring and fruitful alliance. Proud to be associated with Max Pro!
— Andrej Kovač