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Are you working in the hairdressing industry and aiming to elevate your craftsmanship to a higher level?

Our tailor-made business solutions, specially designed for professionals, are available with favorable purchasing terms. You are warmly invited to take advantage of these offerings! If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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Why Max Pro x MOHI?

The collaboration between Max Pro and MOHI has built a solid reputation in the hair care industry, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Innovation and Quality

With great attention to quality, we manufacture our products with utmost care and strive for the best ingredients.


With fast, reliable delivery and shipping, we are committed to providing first-class service to our customers, ensuring a successful partnership.

Strong guarantees

With strong warranty terms and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer our customers peace of mind when purchasing our products. Our goal is to build successful relationships with valued customers, with quality and satisfaction at the forefront.