MOHI Curl Revival Set

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Discover the Curl Revival Set

Revive your curls with the MOHI Revival Curl Set: A Triumph of Curly Beauty.

In the lush world of beauty, MOHI proudly unveils the Revival Curl Set - a refined symphony designed for those who want to embrace and indulge their curls. This remarkable collection, inspired by the timeless legacy of MOHI, embodies the essence of innovation and love for curly hair.

The Revival Curl Set marks the end of compromises, as parabens, dyes, sulfates, and silicones are forever banished. Each product in this set is infused with alpha-hydroxy acids, ceramide, and a complex of amino acids derived from precious wheat protein. This set not only offers gentle cleansing, deep hydration, and powerful care but also defines the natural beauty of your curls, making them resilient and light as never before. It's time to let your curls shine with the MOHI Revival Curl Set.

The power of the Revival Curl Set lies in its ability to nourish, strengthen, and style your curls while adding luxurious softness and volume. Each product in this set is designed for salon-worthy results, allowing you to bring the beauty salon to the comfort of your own home.

Usage is simple and elegant: start with the MOHI Curl Shampoo for gentle cleansing, follow with the MOHI Curl Conditioner for deep nourishment, and finish with the MOHI Curl Cream to define your curls and maintain their styling. The result? Perfectly defined, hydrated, and beautiful curls that captivate the heart.

And here's the pinnacle of innovation: the MOHI Revival Curl Set is CG-proof and meets the strictest standards of the Curly Girl Method. It embraces curls of all kinds and is a carefree choice for those who want to honor the beauty of their curls. This set invites you to enjoy the ultimate indulgence for your hair, without compromises.

With the MOHI Revival Curl Set, give your curls the care and love they deserve. Welcome every wash with healthy, resilient, and lush curls. Revive your curls with the magical touch of MOHI.

The MOHI Revival Curl Set is the embodiment of timeless beauty and dedication to your precious locks, without compromises. Discover the ultimate curly experience and be enchanted by the beauty of your own curls.


Revive and make your curls shine with the MOHI Curl Revival Set! With the purchase of this exclusive set, you will now receive a free MOHI Scalp Massage Brush as a special bonus. The Curl Revival Set is specially designed to hydrate, define, and enhance your curls for a breathtaking look. And now you will also receive a MOHI Scalp Massage Brush, so you can enjoy relaxing scalp massages while caring for your curls. Don't miss this chance to pamper and revive your curls. Order today and give your curls the attention they deserve with MOHI!


The set consists of:
- MOHI Curl Shampoo (300ml)
- MOHI Curl Cream (200ml)

- MOHI Curl Conditioner (300ml)
- MOHI Scalp Massage Brush (1 piece)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Souhaila Hannou
Beste resultaat binnen no time

Zeker aan te raden . Me haren waren heel droog door verven en krullen waren uitgezakt . Dit is een top product! Resultaat gelijk zichtbaar.

Rianne Pakes

Mijn dochter haar haren krijgen echt prachtige krullen hiervan. Ik was haar haren en kam ze dan met de detangel borstel samen met de krullen crème.

Fatiha Lekfif
Super fijn product


Khadija Ait ahmed

Ben super tevreden met mijn aankopen