Max Pro Replacement Blades (Fade Trimmer)

€34,50 EUR

Replacement Blades

Renew the performance of your Max Pro Fade Trimmer with the Replacement Blades. The Fade Trimmer Replacement Blades are designed to keep your trimmer in top condition, ensuring you always achieve clean and precise results.

Discover the Fade Trimmer Replacement Blades:

Long-lasting Sharpness
Made of high-quality material, the Replacement Blades maintain their sharpness for a consistent and precise trimming experience.

Perfect Trim
With the Replacement Blades, creating detailed contours, faded transitions, and sharp lines is always possible.

Easy Replacement
Replacing Replacement Blades is quick and easy, allowing you to get back to styling in no time.

The Replacement Blades are specifically designed to seamlessly fit the Max Pro Fade Trimmer, resulting in consistent performance.

Optimal Trimming Experience
By regularly replacing the blades, your trimmer maintains its optimal condition, allowing you to continue enjoying a premium trimming experience.

Keep your Max Pro Fade Trimmer sharp and your style sharper with the Replacement Blades. Order today and achieve professional results with every trim!



Max Pro






Replacing the cutting heads of the Max Pro Fade Trimmer. It gives your trimmer a new life.
* Only suitable for use with the Max Pro Fade Trimmer


Stainless steel