Max Pro Precision Grooming Kit

€143,00 EUR

Meet the Max Pro Precision Grooming Kit, the ultimate grooming set for men who strive for perfection in their grooming routine. This kit consists of the Max Pro Precision Trimmer and the Max Pro Precision Shaver, both designed to tackle every detail with precision.

The Max Pro Precision Trimmer is a cordless clipper with a powerful and precise cutting blade. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, while the comfort tip prevents skin nicks. With this trimmer, you can effortlessly trim, detail, and touch up. The set comes with 5 attachment combs, a cleaning brush, and maintenance oil, providing you with everything you need for a neat beard, a groomed outline, and even creative designs on the scalp. It's the ideal tool for daily use between haircuts.

The Max Pro Precision Shaver is the ultimate tool for maintaining hairline contours and creating beautiful fades. With innovative technologies and a hair length of just 0.03 mm, you achieve an unmatched shaving result. The dual independent drive shafts ensure even the smallest hairs are effectively removed. With a powerful motor and a gold titanium hypo-allergenic shaving blade, you experience ultimate shaving comfort without irritation.

The Max Pro Precision Shaver is powered by a powerful lithium-ION battery that delivers over 90 minutes of shaving time on a single charge. With its lightweight design, this shaver is also ideal for travel.

Upgrade your grooming routine to perfection with the Max Pro Precision Grooming Kit. Whether you're a professional seeking reliable performance or a man looking to experience the ultimate grooming at home, this kit provides the tools you need for precise and comfortable grooming.


The set includes:
- Max Pro Precision Trimmer
- Max Pro Precision Shaver