Max Pro Steam Straightener

159.95 incl. vat

For anyone that is looking for a powerful tool to create a long- lasting straight or wavy hairdo, the Max Pro Steam+ Straightener is the perfect solution! This straightener works with the magic combination of steam and the active negative ion technology. With three different available modes, 100% titanium plates, and the supplied MOHI Hair Serum, the Max Pro Steam+ Straightener ensures long-lasting hairstyling with a natural glow.

This innovative straightener has adjustable heat levels between 150°C and 235°C. It has an automatic shut-off function that sets in after being unused 60 minutes.


Additional information


Max Pro



Hair Type

Thick hair, Thin hair, Normal hair, Frizzy hair

Hair Structure

Straight hair, Wavy hair, Curly hair, Frizzy hair






Lifetime Warranty


100% Titanium

Size Plates (mm)


Size Plates (inch)


Minimum Temperature


Maximum Temperature


warm-up time

8 Seconds


110-240 V

Dual Voltage


Cable length in cm


Rotating Cable


Automatic shut-off function


ION Technology




Memory Function


1] Always make sure that your hair is completely clean and dry before using straightener. Make sure there is no water on the floor or on other surfaces (except from the bottle demineralized water) near the outlet or the hair styling tool. Before you start styling, the reservoir, which is located on the STEAM +, has to be filled with demineralized water to make the steam effect possible. The reservoir is easy to disconnect from the steam straightener by pulling the slide button at the end of the tool. Open the rubber lock of the reservoir. Fill the blank bottle with demineralized water, now you can fill the reservoir of the STEAM+. The Hair Serum should be used as indicated on the bottle. It is important that the reservoir should be carefully clipped into the steam straightener after being filled. Note: the lock can break off or become lame. But lucky you, from now the reservoirs are available at The STEAM + is now ready for use. Unlock the tool by clicking the switch at the end of the pliers.

2] Insert the plug of the straightener into the outlet. The straightener could have a polarized plug, which has one pen which is wider than the other. If this is the case, this plug will only fit into an outlet when it is placed correctly. When the plug does not fit into an outlet, make sure that you have the large pin stabbed into the correct hole. If you cannot plug in the plug without any problems, please contact an electrician; never try to force stabbing the plug into an electrical outlet.

3] Press the power button on the inside of the steam straightener to turn the tool ‘on’. The hair styling tool will become very hot immediately, but it will take about 40 seconds before it has an optimal uniform heat distribution. In the meantime, brush your hair, divide the hair. Spray 1-2 pump doses of Hair Serum in each lock of hair [distance: 15-20 cm] on the hair lengths. Style or curl this lock with a styling tool. Repeat this process with all hair locks. (!) Do not combine with other liquids and never fill the reservoir with the Hair Serum!

4] The hair styling tool becomes very hot, so make sure it does not make contact with the skin. Allow your hair to cool down before touching or brushing it. After styling your hair, switch off the hair styling tool by putting the switch on the inside to the “OFF” position, unplug the power cord and allow the hair styling tool to cool down completely on a heat-resistant surface before storing it. Never leave the styling tool in the outlet or turned on if you are not around.


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