MOHI Repair Essentials Set

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Discover the Repair Essentials Set

Introducing the MOHI Repair Essentials Set, the ultimate hair care set for damaged and weakened hair. This set includes the MOHI Repair Shampoo 1L and the MOHI Repair Conditioner 1L, which work together to provide intensive nourishment and repair for your hair.

The MOHI Repair Shampoo is specially formulated to breathe new life into dry and brittle hair. This shampoo contains a unique blend of natural ingredients, including vitamins, proteins, coconut, and argan oil. It strengthens your hair, cleanses impurities, and removes excess oil. After just one wash, you'll notice that your hair feels softer, healthier, and more radiant.

The MOHI Repair Conditioner is the perfect complement to the shampoo. This conditioner repairs weakened hair and deeply nourishes it. Vitamins, proteins, coconut, and argan oil are also added here for optimal repair. Just one application of this conditioner makes your hair smoother, stronger, and softer. Together with the shampoo, it helps to repair the hair fibers, strengthening the natural resistance and shine of your hair.

The MOHI Repair Essentials Set offers multiple benefits. The products give your hair a healthy boost, detangle it, and provide intensive protection and repair. The noticeable result is visible after just one application. Additionally, the shampoo and conditioner are free from parabens and sulfates, and they are not tested on animals.

For optimal results, we recommend using the MOHI Repair Mask as well. With the MOHI Repair Essentials Set, you give your hair the intensive care it deserves, for healthier, stronger, and more radiant hair.


Pamper your hair and yourself with the MOHI Repair Essentials Set! With the purchase of this exclusive set, you will receive a free MOHI Scalp Massage Brush as a special reward. The Repair Essential Set is the ultimate hair care solution, designed to repair and make your hair shine. And as an extra bonus, you'll receive a Scalp Massage Brush to treat yourself to a relaxing and invigorating scalp massage. Take advantage of this amazing offer today and give your hair the luxurious treatment it deserves!


The set includes:
- MOHI Repair Shampoo (1L)
- MOHI Repair Conditioner (1L)
- MOHI Scalp Massage Brush (1 piece)

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Goede service maar slechte verpakkingmatriaal

Goede service. Alleen de pompfles van de shampoo is nu voor de tweede keer dat de shampoo niet goed eruit komt. Moet elke keer de fles openen om een beetje shampoo te gebruiken

Stéphanie Wildemeersch
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