MOHI Lamellar Water 250ml

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The Secret Key to Ageless Beauty: MOHI Lamellar Water.

In the dazzling world of timeless elegance, a new icon has emerged - MOHI Lamellar Water. Infused with the spirit of timeless beauty, this luxurious elixir promises not only to restore your hair, but also to turn back time.

A Legacy of Opulence

MOHI Lamellar Water is not an ordinary hair care product; it is the heir to a legacy of opulence and refinement. The advanced formula of the Lamellar Water is infused with precious elements, carefully selected to transform your hair into a masterpiece of shine and splendor.

The Renaissance of Your Hair

Just as artists have worked for centuries to perfect masterpieces, MOHI Lamellar Water restores your hair with a rare, timeless elegance. It penetrates deep into the fibers, repairs and reveals a radiance that defies the test of time. Your hair reveals itself in all its glory within 9 seconds. MOHI Lamellar Water is your key to instant beauty, where every application is a revelation of intensive care.

The Art of Self-Expression

MOHI Lamellar Water is more than just a hair care product; it is an art form in itself. Whether you choose the subtle shine, the lush softness or the unparalleled resilience, MOHI gives you the power to express your own style.

Only 25 milliliters of MOHI Lamellar Water - the key to extraordinary results for your hair. This modest drop contains the power of renewal, giving your hair a new dimension of beauty

Your Moment of Eternal Beauty

Imagine immersing yourself in a world of timeless beauty, comparable to the greats of yesteryear. With MOHI Lamellar Water, every hair care experience is a moment of pure grace. It is your personal journey to lasting beauty.

MOHI Lamellar Water - The Symbol of Immortal Elegance

MOHI Lamellar Water is not an ordinary product; it is a symbol of refinement and grace. It is the choice of those who know that true beauty stands the test of time. It promises you luxurious hair that shines like a jewel every day.

MOHI Lamellar Water - where your daily hair care routine turns into a timeless ritual. Be enchanted by the timeless magic of MOHI and embrace the ultimate luxury for your hair.

Your Hair, Your Timeless Beauty, Your MOHI Moment.


Step 1: Apply after washing your hair

Start your hair care routine by washing your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo. Make sure your hair is clean and wet before using MOHI Lamellar Water.

Step 2: Gently massage into the lengths

Take 25 ml of MOHI Lamellar Water in your palm. Spread it evenly over the lengths of your wet hair. Use your fingers to gently massage the product into your hair. This will ensure that the product penetrates deeply into your hair fibers. The handy MOHI Lamellar Water bottle even has a built-in indication on the back, so you know exactly how much product you are using.

Step 3: Let it work for 9 seconds

Let MOHI Lamellar Water do its magic for 9 seconds. This short moment of waiting will restore your hair and give it a beautiful shine. Enjoy this short break while the product does its work.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly

Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Make sure that no residue of the product remains. Avoid contact with your eyes to prevent irritation.

Customer Reviews

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Hanan Hanan

Werkt perfect bij mijn dochter wonder middel 🥰🥰

Kenza Hajou
Lamellar water

Supergoed product, haren voelen heel zacht aan. Alleen niet handig om te gebruiken.

Bouchra El Bakkali
Pluizig haar

Ik heb dit product getest om te kijken of die frizz uit me haar te krijgen. Maar helaas niet gelukt. Misschien is mijn haar beschadigd. Dus voor mijn geverfde haar heeft het niet gewerkt helaas


Top product zie gelijk het verschil na een keer gebruik jullie hebben weer een nieuwe klant er bij ga zo door met jullie bedrijf

Mohi lamellar water

Mijn dochter heeft krullen ik had elke keer moeite met de klitten uit haar haar te kammen. Het ruikt ook lekker. Dit product is top en echt een aanrader.