MOHI Spa Brush Package

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The MOHI Spa Brush Package gives every make-up table a chic look thanks to the luxurious design of the MOHI Bristle & Nylon Spa Brush. These brushes are not only beautiful to look at, but also very nice to use; in short, the perfect brushes to make your locks shine. The high-quality oval-shaped brushes consist of the finest black boar bristles and protect against hair loss.

The beautiful edition of this MOHI Spa Brush Package is exactly what you need when you are looking for a brush package that gives the hair a vital boost.

Using the MOHI Spa Brushes makes your hair shine and shine. 

Applying the MOHI Hair Treatment products before using the MOHI Bristle & Nylon Spa Brushes guarantees stronger, healthier, and shiny hair.

The MOHI Bristle & Nylon Spa Brush is available in 2 sizes: Small & Large, you can also purchase them as a combi deal.


*Child friendly.

Care for me

After using your MOHI Spa Brush, we recommend cleaning it with a rake brush. This way your brush will stay nice and tidy for years to come.

Do not use it while showering. This can actually damage your brush and its boar bristles.

Of course you can also use the brush on wet hair. If you do, make sure you dry your brush and its boar bristles thoroughly. This way you will use it for a long time.

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