Max Pro Twist & Care Package - 25mm

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For curls, you're in the right place with this tool. The Max Pro Twist is a professional curling iron that transforms any hair type into a curly hairstyle in no time. The ceramic tube spreads the heat evenly over the hair and thus prevents damage. The Max Pro is easily adjustable in temperature from 80°C to 220°C via the LCD screen. 

Thanks to the rubber coating on the handle of the Max Pro Twist, you have a firm grip on the curling iron and it fits comfortably in your hand. The supplied glove is heat-resistant with which you can easily wrap the hair strands around the hot ceramic tube without bandaging yourself. The curling iron is warm and ready for use within 4 seconds. The Twist switches off automatically after one hour of non-use.

The Max Pro Twist 25mm is ideally suited to create wavy curls in long hair.

The Max Pro Twist 25mm has a lifetime warranty after registration on, provided you register the product within 30 days of purchase. 

This package contains:
Max Pro Twist Curler 25mm
MOHI Glimmer Shine 50ml
MOHI Treatment 50ml

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