Max Pro Miracle 5 in 1 Curler

$189.99 USD
By Max Pro

Do you want a full bunch of curls but still want to vary? This curling iron has five different attachments (18/9mm, 19mm, 25mm, 25/19mm & 32/25mm) so you can always go for a different curl. With this multifunctional curling iron you can create both a loose stroke and tight curls. Thanks to the ceramic rod and the short curling time (3 sec), the hair is not or hardly damaged. In addition, the temperature switch allows you to maintain control over the heat [adjustable between 80°C - 220°C], which is displayed via an LCD display. The temperature switch and the five different sizes of attachments make the Max Pro Miracle 5in1 suitable for every - both long and short - hair type and popular among professionals; hairdressers and hair stylists.

Unique to the 5in1 is that the attachments of this curling iron are not equipped with a click system, but with a rotating system. This is less sensitive, which improves the quality of the 5in1 compared to other complete curling irons. Each size of rod [ceramic] provides the hair with a different type of curl. The narrower the bar, the smaller the curl. The rods with a narrower end ensure a natural course of the curl.

The supplied glove is heat-resistant with which you can easily wrap the hair strands around the hot ceramic rod without bandaging yourself. Within 4 seconds the curling iron is warm and ready for use. The Miracle 5 in 1 switches off automatically after one hour of non-use.

This tool has a lifetime warranty after registration on , provided you register the product within 30 days of purchase.

Wondering how to use this tool? See manual.

Additional information




Hair type

Thick hair, Thin hair, Normal hair

Hair texture

Straight hair, Wavy hair, Curly hair






Lifetime Warranty

Minimum temperature


Maximum temperature


Warm-up time

4 seconds


100% Ceramic



Dual Voltage


Cable length in cm


Rotating cable


Automatic switch-off function


ION Technology




Memory function



9/18, 19, 19/25, 25, 32/25

How to use

1] Always make sure your hair is clean and dry before using the curling iron.

2] Make sure there is no water on the floor or other surfaces near the outlet or the curling iron.

3] Plug the curling iron into the wall socket. The curling iron may have a polarized plug with one blade wider than the other. If this is the case, this plug will only fit into an outlet if it is correctly positioned. If the plug does not fit into an outlet, make sure you insert the large pin into the correct hole. If you cannot connect the plug without difficulty, contact an electrician; never try to force the plug into a socket.

4] Press the “ON/OFF” button on the top of the curling iron until the temperature is shown on the display. The hair styling tool will heat up immediately, but it will take about 40 seconds for it to reach optimal uniform heat distribution.

5] When the curling iron is up to temperature, you can set the desired temperature with the +/- button at the top of the hair styling tool. The most commonly used temperature is 180 degrees, but this depends on the type of hair.

6] Put on the supplied heat resistant gloves. Avoid any contact between the wand and the skin when the hair styling tool is in the “ON” position. The rod is hot and can cause burns. In addition, pay close attention to your ears when turning or moving the curling iron, because you can not only burn your scalp and hands.

7] Divide the hair and start with long hair with the lower strands at the bottom of your head. You can place the curling iron at the beginning of a strand and place it around the curling iron (a guideline with any technique is that when you turn inward you create more curls. And when you turn outward you create more volume), make sure make sure the hair is flat on the barrel. Then wrap the rest of the lock around the rod. This way the hair is well distributed, the heat is evenly distributed throughout your hair and every part of the strand forms the right shape. After 3 seconds of warming up, drop the lock into your palm and let it cool for 3 seconds before releasing. Cooling down is a very important step for longevity of the curls. Always start at the bottom and then grab a lock that is higher. The closer your curling iron is to your roots, the more curls you'll get in your hair. If you want a lot of curls or waves, start with the curling iron close to the roots of your hair. However, always be careful not to burn your scalp. If you only want curls at shoulder height, rotate the curling iron from the middle of the hair lengths.

8] Finished? Press the 'ON/OFF' button until the temperature is no longer shown on the display. Unplug and allow the hair styling tool to cool completely on a heat-resistant surface before storing. Never leave the styling tool plugged in or switched on when you are not there.


Max Pro Miracle 5 in 1 Manual