Max Pro Infinity Care Package

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The Max Pro Infinity hair dryer is a high quality, revolutionary hair dryer that will change your life forever. The latest technology takes blow-drying hair to another level. The hair dryer lives up to its name due to the brushless electric motor that ensures that the drying time is accelerated by up to 3 times compared to traditional hair dryers, performance is increased and the life of the motor is extended. That's why we say: Infinity and beyond...

The hair dryer comes standard with a diffuser and no less than two nozzles (93mm and 63mm). The nozzles dry and style the hair through a soft, wide stream of air. The diffuser, on the other hand, spreads the air evenly around the hair so that beautiful, frizz-free curls are created.

Information to keep the filter clean:

  1. Automatic cleaning function - plug in the power and then press the cold air button for a few seconds, the motor can be turned on in reverse for about 10 seconds, do not keep using this function repeatedly, it will cause damage to the motor!
  1. Manual - First remove the back cover and clean the filter with a small brush!

The Infinity Hairdryer has a standard 2-year warranty.

This package contains:
Max Pro Infinity Hairdryer
MOHI Repair Mask 500ml

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