Max Pro and MOHI go together like Romeo and Juliet, but with much better hairstyles.

MOHI develops high quality hair care products and Max Pro makes professional styling tools. Both brands are used worldwide by hair professionals, stylists and hairdressers to create the most beautiful hairstyles. By combining these two top brands, we want to offer everyone the chance to achieve the same results at home.
Max Pro has been marketing hair styling tools since 2013 and is known for offering top quality. The international brand has an extensive range of innovative products that protect and care for your hair, and are also easy to use. With the many types of curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners available, Max Pro offers the right tools for every hairstyle you can imagine.

In 2018, MOHI was founded as the little sister of Max Pro. The hair care line from MOHI goes perfectly with the tools from Max Pro. MOHI's products are composed in such a way that you can style your hair carefree. They not only provide protection, but also restore damaged hair. MOHI's styling products contain antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and argan oil. A nice mix of only good ingredients that nourish the hair from the inside, as it should be. With these two collections you have everything you need to style your hair the way you want it. Your hair receives a daily professional treatment that also ensures that it remains well protected and nourished.

Both brands listen carefully to the wishes of their customers and constantly improve the products using the latest techniques and formulas. In addition, Max Pro offers a lifetime warranty on all their styling tools, convinced of the quality of its products and aware of the importance of a good haircut. All products from the Max Pro x MOHI collection are of high quality, but also affordable. The philosophy of both brands is that everyone is entitled to strong, shiny and silky hair.