Many people wonder what the difference is between a straightener with ceramic plates and a straightener with titanium plates. A hair straightener with ceramic plates protects the hair against the heat because the heat is distributed, so you can style your hair every day without damaging it. A hair straightener with titanium plates is firmer, so more suitable for coarse hair types. The plates of a hair straightener with titanium plates also wear less quickly. In this blog more details about the differences and which one suits you best!

Titanium or ceramic hair straightener?

Apart from the fact that the two hair straighteners have the same function, there are a few small differences. The biggest difference is the plates. The hair straightener with titanium plates are a bit firmer. These are therefore perfect if you want to style your curls. Ceramic hair straighteners are more suitable for thin, fine hair types. With a hair straightener with ceramic plates you protect the hair a little more against the heat. So why ceramic hair straighteners are better for thin and fine hair is because it breaks down sooner than firm hair.

Ceramic hair straightener

The ceramic hair straighteners are mostly used by women with fine and thin hair. This is because such hair types break down quickly. With a ceramic straightener you can style your hair without damaging it, with a straightener with ceramic plates the heat is distributed. This allows the hair to spread and does not damage your hair. This also makes it perfect for women who style their hair every day. Do you often style your hair and do you want your hair not to be damaged? Then the Max Pro Silk Brush is the perfect hair straightener for you!

Titanium hair straightener

Straightening irons with titanium plates are perfect if you want to straighten your curls. Because the titanium plates are firmer, the results are even and they are widely used among women with thick and coarse hair types. Titanium hair straighteners also have a longer shelf life because they wear out less quickly. Do you have a thick, stiff hair type and do you want long-lasting straight hair with a nice shine? Then the Max Pro Evolution Straightener is ideal for you!

Heat protector

The advantages of heat protectors are that it protects your hair against the heat of hairstyling tools, dead spots, but what many do not know is that the heat of the sun can also damage your hair. Do you want your hair to stay healthy and are you still looking for a good Heat Protection spray to protect your hair against the heat? Then you've come to the right place, we sell the best heat protecting spray. Namely the MOHI Heat Protection spray, which optimally protects the hair against the heat.

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