You have selected all your hair products on your make-up table or shower rack, which one suits your hair best. Like, for example, buying a MOHI Repair Shampoo because you have damaged hair. But we never pay attention to what we use the most - namely the hairbrush. The hairbrush is the key to healthy hair. The right hair brush prevents extra hair damage and hair breakage. The hair brushes made of boar bristles and nylon pins are undoubtedly a perfect choice for you.

Thanks to the combination of real boar bristles and nylon pins, painless detangling of the hair is effortlessly possible. In addition, the hair gets more shine.

In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and has an anti-static effect, which makes the hair brush made of boar bristles and nylon perfect. Guaranteed healthier and stronger hair!

MOHI has two different brushes made from real boar bristles and nylon pins – the Black Gold Brush and the Spa Brush. Available in various sizes, the two brushes can give your hair routine a new meaning.


January 12, 2023 — Esra Ahmedova

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