Did you know that cleaning these tools can make the difference between a good hair day and a bad hair day? Hair in your brush or comb, a dirty hair straightener or dirty hair dryer can all affect your haircut. Dirty hair tools not only cause a bad hair day, but also cause the health of your hair to deteriorate.

The products you apply to your hair and your natural oils cause dust and germs to build up in your tool. As a result, the same bad bacteria enter your hair (every day).

NB! Do not clean your tool while it is still hot or plugged into an electrical outlet.

Hair dryer
Blow-drying your hair will trap hair and dust in your blow-dryer. This can cause a burning smell to come from your hair dryer. The hair dryer's clogged filter prevents air from passing through the filter, causing the hair dryer to overheat. So clean the filter regularly and free of dust. You can do this with a wet cloth, a brush or tweezers.

It is also important that you clean the accessories of your hair dryer. Because the accessories come into direct contact with your hair, many products pile up on them. Because you can remove the accessories from your hair dryer, you can wash them under the tap with (lukewarm) warm water. Don't forget to dry the accessories before putting them back on your hair dryer.

Hair straighteners and curling irons
After regular use of your straightener or curling iron, there may be brownish dirt on the plates/bar. These are the remnants of your hair's products and oils. Try to clean this with a wet and warm towel. If there is still any stubborn residue on your pliers, try removing it with rubbing alcohol on a cloth or cotton swab. To prevent build-up, you can go over the plates or the bar with kitchen paper every time after use.

Your brush is probably the one you use the most and is therefore the favorite gathering place for all kinds of dirt. The first step is to pull all the hairs out of your brush. You can do this by hand or with the help of a pen or pencil by sliding the pointed end under the hair structure and pulling upwards. Use a shampoo and toothbrush to scrub between the bristles to clean the rest of the brush. Rinse the brush and lay it face down to dry.

We recommend that you clean your tools daily and weekly. For example, try to pull the hairs out of your brush every day and then give it a wash every week. This way you get the most out of your tools and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

July 08, 2022 — Basma Yaacoubi

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