Max Pro Xperience Hair Dryer 1600W

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Xperience Hair Dryer

With the Max Pro Xperience Hair Dryer, tame unruly and frizzy hair and add airy volume to every hair type. This powerful hair dryer is beloved by both professionals and consumers, thanks to its lightweight design with anti-slip rubber for ultimate comfort. With active negative ion technology, your hair stays hydrated and shiny during drying. Additionally, negative ions maintain the natural moisture balance - closing hair cuticles - which has a healthy effect on the hair. The hair is anti-static and feels soft, plus it stays in the desired style longer.

With up to five different temperature and speed settings, you have maximum control and minimal heat damage. Your hair looks great every day with the Max Pro Xperience Hair Dryer!

This tool comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

Curious about how to use this tool? See the manual.



Max Pro








2 years


1600 W


200 V

Number of Heat Settings


Number of Speeds


ION Technology


Ceramic Technology



70/76 dBA

Hair Type

All hair types

Hair Structure

All hair structures


Instructions for Use

1] Always ensure your hair is completely clean before using the hairdryer.

2] Make sure there is no water on the floor or on other surfaces near the power outlet or the hairdryer.

3] Insert the hairdryer plug into the power outlet. The hairdryer may have a polarized plug, with one pin wider than the other. If so, this plug will only fit into an outlet when inserted correctly. If the plug does not fit into an outlet, make sure to insert the wide pin into the correct hole. If you cannot connect the plug smoothly, contact an electrician; never try to force the plug into an outlet.

4] Insert the hairdryer plug into a power outlet and slide the switch inside the handle to the 1st or 2nd position.

5] The hairdryer will start heating up immediately, but it takes about 40 seconds to achieve optimal, even heat distribution.

6] The hair styling tool becomes very hot, so make sure it does not come into contact with the skin.

7] Allow your hair to cool before touching or brushing it.

8] After drying, turn off the hair styling tool by setting the switch inside to the "0" position, unplug the plug from the power outlet, and let the hair styling tool cool completely on a heat-resistant surface before storing it. Never leave the styling tool plugged in or turned on when you are not present.

Customer Reviews

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Fatima Hider
Hele goede producten

Snelle levering, netjes verpakt en top producten.

Mist nog wat. Kopstuk blijft niet zitten tijdens föhnen

Kopstuk blijft er niet goed op zitten. Tijdens het fohnen blijft het ervan af vallen.

Sayveka Firma

Max Pro Xperience Hair Dryer 1600W

Diekra Celina
Zoals altijd toppp!!!n

Ben echt super blij met alle producten en styling tools. en de fohn love itttt super snel in huis ondanks de drukte!!