MOHI Repair & Define Set

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Discover the Repair & Define Set

In your quest for hair that is as healthy as it is stylish, the MOHI Repair & Define Set offers the perfect solution – a carefully curated combination to restore, nourish, and define your hair with unmatched precision.

  • MOHI Repair Shampoo
    Start your hair care routine with the refreshing power of MOHI Repair Shampoo. The advanced formula of Repair Shampoo, infused with natural ingredients, repairs damaged hair and gives it a new shine. It cleanses gently yet deeply, leaving your hair ready for the next steps.
  • MOHI Repair Conditioner
    Nourish your hair deeply with the MOHI Repair Conditioner. The conditioner penetrates deep into the hair fibers, restoring the health and resilience of your locks. It leaves your hair silky smooth, easy to comb, and radiantly healthy.
  • MOHI Homme Hair Wax
    Effortlessly create your desired look with MOHI Homme Hair Wax. Whether you opt for a structured, sleek style or a more casual look, this hair wax provides the hold and definition you need without weighing down your hair.

With the MOHI Repair & Define Set, you not only get beautifully restored hair but also the opportunity to define your own unique style. It's the perfect balance between restoration and creativity.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, have an important appointment, or simply want to look your best every day, this set is the key to hair care and styling that meets all your needs.

Experience hair that is not only healthy and shiny but also perfectly styled with the MOHI Repair & Define Set. Order now and discover a world of versatility and beauty for your hair.


With the purchase of the MOHI Repair & Define Set, you'll receive an amazing gift! As a thank you for choosing the MOHI Repair & Define Set, you'll now receive a MOHI Scalp Massage Brush completely free of charge.

The MOHI Scalp Massage Brush is not only intended to care for your hair but also to massage your scalp, providing relaxation and promoting a healthy scalp.


The set includes:
- MOHI Repair Shampoo 300ml (1 piece)
- MOHI Repair Conditioner 300ml (1 piece)
- MOHI Homme Wax 100ml (1 piece)

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