Max Pro Multi Airstyler S2 - 1200W

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Multi Airstyler S2

The Max Pro Multi Airstyler is the ultimate multifunctional hair styling tool for daily use, drying your hair while styling. With the four different attachments, you can create a wide variety of looks in no time. The powerful 1200W motor and the five different temperature and speed settings ensure maximum control and minimal heat damage.

Whether you're going for curls, straight hair, classic volume, or trendy beach waves, you can achieve it all with the Max Pro Multi Airstyler. Naturally, with a shiny result.

Additional Information


Max Pro








2 years


1200 W


240 V

Hair Type

All hair types

Hair Structure

All hair structure

Number of Heat Settings


Number of Speeds


ION Technology


Ceramic Technology



70/80 dBA

Cable Length

240 cm

Rotating Cable


How to Use

1] Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Rinse the hair thoroughly. Use a towel on the hair to remove excess moisture. Divide your hair into sections. Use the hairdryer along with a styling brush to send hot air through one hair section at a time. Move the hairdryer evenly over each section so that the hot air can flow through the hair. Ensure there is a direct airflow on the hair and not on the scalp.

2] Keep the dryer's vents free from hair and debris.

3] To prevent overdrying, do not concentrate the heat on a particular section for too long. Keep the dryer moving while drying.

4] To style quickly, moisten the hair slightly with water before applying it to the attachment.

5] When using the dryer to create curls and waves, almost completely dry the hair on the hottest setting and finish styling with the lower setting. This ensures your hairstyle lasts long.

6] This dryer has a concentrator nozzle. Use the concentrator if you want to focus the drying power on a small area (such as a curl or wave) or if you want to relax curly hair.