Max Pro and MOHI go together like Romeo & Juliet but with way better hairdo’s. While MOHI creates high-quality haircare products, Max Pro offers professional hairstyling tools used by hairdressers, stylists, and professionals all over the world. International salons are creating beautiful hair looks on a daily with the use of both Max Pro as MOHI. By combining the two best brands, we like to offer every woman a chance to achieve the same at home.

Max Pro has been around for a while, providing hairstyling tools since 2013. The international brand is known for its high-quality tools and offers a broad selection of innovative products that protect and nourish the hair while they are easy-to-use. With the many variations of curling irons, blow dryers, and flattening irons, Max Pro offers the right tools to create any hairstyle desired.

A few years later, MOHI was founded in 2018 and joined as the younger sister. With a hair care line that matches perfectly with Max Pro tools. Next to protecting the hair, products by MOHI are created to repair and improve damaged hair, for care-free hairstyling. MOHI styling products contain antioxidants, vitamins, egg-whites, and argan oil. A beautiful blend of good things that nourish the hair from the inside out, the only way it should be.

Basically, with both collections, you have everything you need to create any desired hairstyle and provide your hair with professional treatment on a daily while being ensured of protected and nourished hair while you’re at it.

Inspired by the wishes of its users, both brands continuously improve their products with the latest technologies and formulas to ensure only the best. Besides constant improvement of their products, Max Pro offers registrations for a lifetime warranty on all their styling tools. As the brand strongly believes in the value of good hair days and the quality of their products.

The Max Pro x MOHI collections entirely exist out of products that are of high quality yet affordable because both brands come from the philosophy that everybody deserves the right to shiny hair that feels smooth, silky, and strong.